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three steps to success

Why Cornerstone Realtors?

Cornerstone Realtors was created around two key objectives: Exceptional customer service and comprehensive agent support.

Customer service:​

Our marketing strategy and our comprehensive network of resources are used to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Comprehensive Agent Support:​

With a focus on career-building, our agent support system fosters the fastest and most effective path to success.

The company’s overall business model has evolved as an effective fulcrum in maintaining this ever-changing balance.

We are proud to say that we have met and maintained both of our key objectives. The company’s growth is clearly outpacing most of our original projections. Our per-agent productivity rate, the only measure that determines the performances of a real estate company, is among the highest in our market area. Our agent retention rate, the only measure that can predict the level of support an agent can expect from a broker, is among the highest in the industry.

At Cornerstone Realtors, our philosophy is simple: “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”. However, building a real estate career is a two-way street. Hard work, discipline and a commitment to an effective business plan are the three key components for achieving a predictable outcome. Joining Cornerstone Realtors establishes a partnership where the limit of an agent’s effort determines the limit of an agent’s success.

The synergy among our agents stems from our shared values, teamwork, a strong family atmosphere that has developed over the years. It is this bond we all share that has made Cornerstone Realtors a place that I am proud to associate with. From the professionalism and helpful nature of our agents to our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, Cornerstone Realtors is distinctive in its approach to career building.

If you are self-motivated and willing to commit to our business philosophy, real estate will prove to be a rewarding and prosperous career choice. At Cornerstone Realtors, we are proud of the hardworking and team-oriented environment we have created within our offices. If you would like more information about a rewarding career in real estate, let’s have a conversation to help you decide if real estate and Cornerstone Realtors is a good fit for you.

three steps to success

three steps to success

Our Agents

We are proud that we have the best and brightest agents in the area. Our agents are thorough and effective. Our team’s approach is that we truly are hard at work on your behalf.


Great news! The Cornerstone Realtors Agency is a thriving and growing team. To explore whether or not you are a good fit for real estate and our team, email your resume to nick@boscaino.com

We offer training and ongoing professional development. Marketing support for you and your listings are just some of the components of being on this exciting and professional team.